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Welcome to Mergl Law

At my law offices we are committed to:

   • Protecting your freedom if charged with a crime.

   • Obtaining your benefits when injured or disabled.

   Planning your long-term care and preserving your assets.

   • Assisting you with starting and running your business.  

   • Helping your family through these difficult times.


We are focused on serving clients throughout Western Pennsylvania.  Our main offices are located in Pittsburgh and Sharon, with meetings available in Butler and across Mercer County.  Each client receives individualized, effective representation in an ethical, courteous, and timely manner. We focus on many aspects of law including but not limited to; criminal law, family law, domestics, business services, estates, and more!


I personally provide all clients with the dedication, service, and attention necessary to achieve the best outcome in every case, and take pride in building rewarding, lasting relationships through personal interest in each matter.


 Ryan A. Mergl, Esq
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