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My office will assist you with basic and advanced approaches to estate planning.  We handle simple wills and trusts as well as more complex planning strategies to help you protect your beneficiaries and assets.


If you’ve recently lost a loved one, we can help you, explain what you should expect, and handle your inherited assets.

- Protect your property against the high costs of long-term care.
- Secure your entitlement to Medicare and Medicaid.
- Manage your financial and legal affairs if you become disabled.
- Express your medical care desires.
- Designate a loved one to make medical decisions if you cannot.
- Provide for your family if you become disabled or pass away.
- Minimize delays and frustrations of estate settlement.
- Help your family avoid unnecessary death taxes.
- Benefit your favorite charity.
- Control the distribution of your property after death.
- Arrange your funeral and memorial services.
- Probate and trust administration.
- Marshalling of estate assets.
- Preparing objections and challenges.
- Filing of Petitions.
- Notice to heirs.
- Inventory and appraisal of assets.
- Preparation of taxes.
- Executor compensation.
- Distribution of probate and non-probate property.
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